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Stories Are For Everyone

Dear Friends of Riverway,

After ten years of wonderful stories, we have decided to sunset Riverway Storytelling Festival. Its tenth year, celebrated this past April, will be its last.

The reasons for this decision have nothing to do with the appreciative audiences and outstanding Riverway volunteers who have devoted time, money, and a part of their hearts to making Riverway a joyful and rich annual event. I am grateful for both, and proud of what we have achieved together with the many excellent storytellers who have performed for us over the years.

Rather, the reasons concern a very different staffing and financial picture for Upper Hudson Library System, the home of Riverway, and a sea change for libraries that necessitates a tighter focus on our core mission.

If you have enjoyed the stories at Riverway Storytelling Festival, please continue to be a patron of this art by attending other local storytelling events, as there are many opportunities. You will find information on local upcoming events here: www.storycircleatproctors.org.

Please remember also to keep stories alive by telling your own stories, and by listening to the stories of others. In doing both, we all make the world a healthier place.

Last, Riverway Storytelling Festival celebrated, in part, the stories to be found in libraries. Libraries are reinventing themselves. Public libraries are busier than ever, as they continue transforming into places of creation and community as well as knowledge. Just as we need stories, we need our libraries. Please give them your support.

Thank you, most sincerely, for being a Riverway Storytelling Festival supporter and fan.


Mary Fellows
Producer, Riverway Storytelling Festival
Manager, Youth and Family Services
Upper Hudson Library System


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